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NIGO & A$AP Rocky Unite For “Arya”

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NIGO (Ft. A$AP Rocky)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Rocky goes the f**k off in this song!

NIGO is the co-founder of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Nigo. While he’s been a prominent designer for tons of years, he’s also a musician. NIGO decided to link up with A$AP Rocky for a hot new single called “Arya.”


First and foremost, the beat that powers “Arya” is fire. That s**t is mean and has a bounce to it that will get anyone hyped up. As good as the two things that I mentioned are, the reason this song is five stars is because of A$AP Rocky’s performance on it. I love the grit, the precision, the swag, and the tricky-ass flows that he raps with (The flows Rocky hits us with is on some Wack-A-Mole s**t). I swear, when Rocky is motivated, he’s unguardable.

Give “Arya” a shot below.

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