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Shane Garcia Celebrates Self-Love With “Bestest Friend”

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Bestest Friend

Shane Garcia

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic neo-soul single with a powerful message.

New York-based music creative, Shane Garcia, is a singer/songwriter of Dominican and Ecuadorian descent. She crafts generation-challenging tunes that truly capture the ideals of passion and free-spiritedness. In other words, her work reflects on topics like gender, sexuality, mental health, and self-discovery. Garcia is notably not afraid to speak her truth or stand as the voice for younger generations. Her Spotify releases are just as bold as she is (As is her Instagram). The music disregards caution for honesty, and her latest drop reflects that. Garcia’s newest hit is the indie soul single “Bestest Friend.” A lyric video also accompanies the new track.

In a recent interview to discuss “Bestest Friend,” the artist said, “The song is grown me singing to my younger self about the love and care they can give themselves without external validation from others.” Of course, the track offers up plenty of inspirational words of wisdom as well as mellow R&B-infused sounds. Altogether, it provides a beautiful backdrop for  Garcia’s heartfelt lyrics. Lines like “Did you ever get to freely dance on your lonesome?” and “Hold your hand it’s the only one/That won’t let you down” are proclamations of pure self-love and reminders to be self-compassionate. Yes, this song is about a best friend; you! No matter how you feel about yourself, Shane Garcia’s “Bestest Friend” is the perfect neo-soul fusion that will serve as that meaningful reminder to love yourself unconditionally.

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