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2 Chainz – Dope Don’t Sell Itself (Album Review)

2 Chainz sounds like he’s in cruise control on “Dope Don’t Sell Itself.”




Honorable Mention. Lost Kings

I find it very interesting that the track on this album with NBA YoungBoy is followed up by the track with Lil Durk. In other news, I followed up my Spaghetti dinner with seven IPA beers.

One thing that I really like about 2 Chainz’s past two albums is that they feature a bunch of touching hip-hop tracks; unfortunately, this album doesn’t feature as many. One track on this album that is touching is “Lost Kings.” In the song, not only does newcomer Sleepy Rose hit us with this emotional hook in which he sings about the serious thoughts that hood folks deal with on a daily basis, but you also get a verse by 2 Chainz in which he raps about his amazing come up and a verse by Lil Durk in which he raps about his unbalanced circle. I think the song hits the mark when it comes to passion.



Honorable Mention. Outstanding

I tried my hardest to like this track, y’all.

I absolutely love the Hit-Boy beat that powers this song. I also really like the hook that Roddy drops off (Even though he sounds hungover and tired). As for 2 Chainz, his verses on this song are hot garbage. I am curious to see how people view this song.



5. 10 Bracelets

2 Chainz and NBA YoungBoy have built up quite the rapport.

Lowkey, NBA YoungBoy has blessed 2 Chainz with some pretty fire hooks these last couple of years. In “10 Bracelets,” yet another collaboration track between the two, 2 Chainz definitely carries s**t. I love the pep to his step that he raps with, his aggressive lyrics, and his hella catchy hook. Honestly, I didn’t need NBA on the track at all.



4. Million Dollars Worth Of Game

Ha! I paid free-99 for this game.

First and foremost, homage must be paid to the person (Or people) that created the beat that power this song. My GOD, that s**t is so damn hypnotizing. As for 2 Chainz and 42 Dugg, they both do their thing over the beat. While the former hits us with slick-ass bars about his drug-dealing, violent, and pimpish ways, the latter hits us with bars that highlight his major come-up. I think the chemistry between the two rappers is solid.

3. Kingpen Ghostwriter

Two Atlanta legends go toe to toe in “Kingpen Ghostwriter.”

“Kingpen Ghostwriter” should prove to you that all Atlanta rappers DO NOT sound the same. Over a beat that sounds like some s**t that would play during a scene in a cartoon in which a villain watches as their deadly toxic juice bubbles up, 2 Chainz and Lil Baby prove to the world that they are the sliest ballers and biggest playas on this planet in their own unique ways. While the former comes across as a g that shouldn’t be taken completely seriously, the latter goes ham on his verse, spewing out his lyrics with pure focus, determination, and aggression. Overall, the track just sounds mean for no particular reason (And I am cool with that).



2. Bet It Back

Did anybody else think that their Spotify was f**king up while listening to this track? (I almost sent an email to their headquarters)

2 Chainz goes off in a very unorthodox way in “Bet It Back.” Over a beat that sounds like it’s lagging, he dishes out lyrics that are on some competitive, braggadocios, and drug-dealing s**t. He also hits us with so many punchlines, after you are done listening to the song, your face might look like Martin’s after he went toe to toe with Tommy Hearns. All in all, I like this song as an intro, and that is mainly because it immediately reminds you what 2 Chainz has been about for over twenty years.



1. Vlad TV

“Vlad TV” sounds like it was filmed in a place that was raided shortly after it was made.

Do you know what’s funny? One of the most enjoyable 2 Chainz verses that I’ve heard in the last couple of years is the one that he laid down on Westside Gunn’s last album. Interestingly, I thought the song’s tone wouldn’t fit what Chainz did best at the time; nowadays, I am all in for him rapping on grungy bangers. With that being said, “Vlad TV” is grungy as hell! The track features a rugged reggae beat, a hella infectious but gangsta hook, and verses that feature lyrics only folks with certified street resumes can relate to.

They really be telling on themselves on “Vlad TV,” too.


1. Bet It Back (4/5)

2. Pop Music (3/5)

3. Kingpen Ghostwriter (3/5)

4. Outstanding (3/5)

5. Neighbors Know My Name (3/5)

6. Million Dollars Worth Of Game (4/5)

7. Free BG (3/5)

8. 10 Bracelets (4/5)

9. Lost Kings (4/5)

10. Caymans (3/5)

11. Vlad TV (4/5)

12. If You Want Me To (3/5)




I’ve said it before, and I’ll definitely say it again: 2 Chainz makes really good albums. While I don’t think that Dope Don’t Sell Itself is as good as his other albums, I do think that it features good enough music.

Here are the following things that you can count on with 2 Chainz: He is gonna sound entertaining, he’s gonna talk about dealing drugs, he is gonna force punchlines on us, he’s gonna pick amazing beats to rap over, and he is gonna link up with some of the best rappers in the game; all of that happens in Dope Don’t Sell Itself. What 2 Chainz doesn’t quite give us on this album is enough emotional bangers. in So Help Me God!, his last album, I felt like he turned it up a notch when it came to blessing us with passionate gems; in this album, Chainz sounds a little more relaxed and ready to have fun. While I am all for a fun-loving Chainz, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been spoiled by the spirited Chainz. Nonetheless, I think this album is a decent listen.

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