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Bvmmer & Samurai Del

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating alternative tune that blends upbeat sounds and delicious, dark lyrics.

Tacoma, Washington native, Bvmmer, is a self-described “melodic pop-rap artist/producer” who enjoys mashing up genres. When he’s mashing, he creates a sound that’s “modern and timeless.” The most notorious song under his name is “Bad Luck,” found on his Spotify. For his latest drop, he teamed up with Seattle-based producer, DJ, and engineer, Samurai Del. Bvmmer and company’s unique concoction is the alternative single “Choke.”

With a vibrant backdrop, this alternative gem incorporates pop-punk, alternative hip hop, and indie-pop elements. As a result, it forms a well-balanced blend of attention-grabbing sounds. While the beats offer mellowed, feel-good guitar moments and bold tones, the single balances out its sunny side with plenty of moody lyrics. Straightaway lines like “I’ve been feeling all wrong, ticking like a time bomb” and “Don’t be surprised if I don’t give you the time because I’m done being nice and I’ve been done with you” address the dark side of emotions that come from a painful breakup. Clearly, these artists are not afraid to reflect on hurtful feelings if it means creating plenty of relatable angst. So, hit play. Bvmmer’s “Choke” provides plenty of contagious sounds to draw you in.

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