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Soulsurfa Makes A Summer Splash With “The One”

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The One


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An infectious house single with feel-good sun-soaked vibes.

Germany-based musician, Soulsurfa, is an artist who knows how to craft entertaining, danceable tunes. With plenty of passion for their creative side, their life revolves around music. Both their Spotify and their Instagram reflects the attention they give to the musical world. As a result, Soulsurfa’s tunes are infectious, perfectly fit to daily routines of working out or dancing in the kitchen. Some of these contagious works include hypnotic singles like the catchy “Waves,” or the dance track “Lost Control.” Soulsurfa’s latest drop is the dazzling house single “The One.” A lyric video also accompanies the new tune.

With bursts of sun-drenched, summery sound, “The One” brings plenty of uplifting and seasonal catchy beats. It reflects on being there for the one you love and making sure they feel supported. Lyrics like “I don’t want you to break and fall, or to break at all” and “There’ll be struggles there be wounds, that won’t stop me coming through” keep things simple and sweet; They give a straightforward message that offers plenty of positive vibes. EDM fans definitely won’t want to miss out on Soulsurfa’s “The One.” Press play and indulge in a much-needed taste of summer beach magic to cure your winter blues.

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