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Bryce Mensah Drops The Heartfelt “East Side Rendezvous”

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East Side Rendezvous

Bryce Mensah

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“East Side Rendezvous” is an intimate track that oozes some smooth hip-hop and R&B vibes.

If you aren’t hip to Bryce Mensah, get hip! Not only do I think that he is a fantastic singer, but he’s also an excellent writer. One of the songs that will definitely make you a believer in him is his latest single “East Side Rendezvous.”

I am a major fan of the 6LACKs and the Bryson Tillers of the world; “East Side Rendezvous” sounds like the kind of track that both of those artists would make. Over an instrumental that is soothing as hell but also has a nice bop to it, Bryce uses intoxicating vocals and dynamic flows to describe the complicated feelings that come with being on the rebound but also still being in love with someone else. Personally, what I enjoy about the song is that it feels relatable, authentic, and commercial-ready.

Give “East Side Rendezvous” a shot below.

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