Chris Holly

7 Curses

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A reflective alternative rock single that hits all the right notes.

Charleston, South Carolina-based musician, Chris Holly, is an indie-rock singer, songwriter, producer, manager, and activist. With plenty of experience in the business, Holly’s talents have shined. During his career, he has shared the stage with legendary rock metal bands such as Pantera and Slayer. However, Holly switched to being a solo musician after spending years with various bands. His solo work is available on Spotify, and you can follow his updates on Facebook or Instagram. Of his solo work, Chris Holly’s latest drop is the alternative rock single “7 Curses.”

With a fusion of classic and commercial rock elements, “7 Curses” commands attention with a melodic blend of instrumentals. Additionally, it puts emphasis on the wicked and magical. Lyrics like “Voodoo, it came easy to her/She says it runs in her family tree” and “She put hexes on those who did her wrong” offer a sense of dark magic. These are delivered with pleasantly husky vocals, oozing raw emotion with every line. Anyone looking for a taste of old-school music will find plenty to love with Chris Holly’s latest offering of “7 Curses.” So, press play to feed your angsty inner rocker the perfect dose of ear-pleasing medicine.