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Lupe Fiasco

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“Hustlaz” will be featured on the forthcoming 1st & 15th EP.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lupe Fiasco has a couple of classic albums under his belt. While he hasn’t dropped any classics in the last ten years, his ability to rap has not diminished at all. Today, the Chicago rapper decided to release “Hustlaz,” a track that reminds me of the songs that he used to make back in the day.

In “Hustlaz,” Lupe Fiasco spits bars over a soulful beat that sounds like it was created in 2003. The good news is this: He used to kill s**t in 2003. In the song, Lupe toys with flows that are both steady and slightly tricky, lyrics that are both rebellious and touching, and punchlines that are both bold and clever. If you ask me, he completely sounds like his old self in the song.

Even though Lupe has gotten his fair share of flowers these last couple of years, he still sounds hungry as hell these days.

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