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Bogart & Man Of Met Craft An Astute Rap Gem In “Whipped Cream”

Whipped Cream

Bogart (Ft. Man Of Met)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

They don’t make rap songs like “Whipped Cream” anymore. Also, people don’t eat waffles with whipped cream anymore.

You don’t just listen to Bogart’s music; you feel it, you internalize it, you appreciate it, and you try to kiss it. To me, their instrumentals are usually memorable portraits that should be offered as NFTs. One of Bogart’s latest instrumentals is so fire, it prompted Man of Met to bring out his rap savant side.

“Whipped Cream” is short but sweet… Well, actually, there’s nothing sweet about the bars that Man Of Met drops in the song. Over an instrumental that is full of DJ scratches and old-school hip-hop vibes, he raps about his unflappable mentality, playboy ways, and savvy business acumen. I think listeners will love the flows and confidence that Man Of Met relies on in the song. Listeners will also love the intricate instrumental that Bogart cooks up.

Go ahead and give “Man Of Met” a shot below!

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