Don’t Forget My Love

Diplo & Miguel

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Hold on, Valentine’s day is tomorrow? (But we’re all gonna be hungover tomorrow!)

Who says that Valentine’s day has to sound all soft and s**t? Today, Diplo and Miguel decided to release “Don’t Forget My Love,” a brand new V-day-inspired track that features an uptempo instrumental and vocals that will get you super excited to fall in love and shake your ass.

I saw folks on Twitter call Saweetie’s new track with H.E.R.
“some H&M s**t.” The funny thing is that I’ve been referring to songs as that for years now! Anywho, “Don’t Forget My Love” is the epitome of an H&M song. I can easily see myself shuffling my feet and bobbing my head to it while I try to find a medium collar shirt that doesn’t feel like it will shrink after three washes. There’s nothing wrong with H&M music, though.

Get into a festive Valentine’s day mood with “Don’t Forget My Love.”