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Gone With Grace

Conner Pearl

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Conner Pearl is vulnerable, honest, and passionate in “Gone With Grace.”

Conner Peal is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. At the tender age of 21-years-old, he says that he has “found his voice;” because of this, he is starting to release some of his best work to date. One of Conner’s latest singles, “Gone With Grace,” will not only give you chills, but it might also make you a full believer in him.

“Gone With Grace” is about overcoming the guilt you sense when you feel like you were the cause of a relationship ending. Laced with a piano-driven instrumental that might give you goosebumps, Conner blesses us with vocals that are powerful, soulful, and emotional. He also pieces his words together in a way that feels authentic and painfully relatable. If you are the one that was mad at how things ended with Conner, you might feel much better after hitting play on “Gone With Grace.”

Give “Gone With Grace” a shot below.

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