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Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa – Stoner’s Night (Album Review)

If you are a fan of both Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, you’ve been waiting for this album for a long-ass time.




5. Why Do I Stay High

“Why Do I Stay High” is a love song to Mary Jane.

I’m not going to lie, the main reason I think that “Why Do I Stay High” is a top 5 song from this album is because it features a classic Bizzy Bone sample.  The other reason it made this list is because I feel it’s dope as hell how both Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J talk about their weed as if it makes breakfast for them with no bra on.



4. Testin

It is very interesting that Wiz and Juicy decided to open up this album with the tough-ass “Testin.”

In “Testin,” Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J get straight to the point when it comes to letting folks know that they aren’t the type of dudes that can be bullied. While the hook that Juicy drops is definitely the highlight of the song (That s**t is so catchy), I do f**k with how gritty the two rappers come across in their respective verses. Not only do they rely on basic flows to let you know the many ways that they are real ones, but it just seems like they traded in any semblance of pizazz for confrontational energy.

3. Big Game

Apparently, “Big Game” is dedicated to Kobe Bryant. That makes perfect sense because Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa go hard in the paint in the song.

While you don’t get basketball-inspired bars out of either Wiz Khalifa or Juicy J in “Big Game,” they do gift us with playa-Esque, braggadocios, and competitive bars. I think the biggest thing about the song that caught my attention is how Wiz uses his outside voice throughout it.



2. Backseat

Nothing holy happens in backseats.

“Backseat” is powered by one of those dark Juicy J beats that have a helluva tempo attached to it. Over it, Wiz Khalifa hits us with a hook that is both catchy as hell and gangsta as s**t, Project Pat hits us with a classic verse that has him sounding like an ultimate boss, and Juicy hits us with a heart-pumping verse that has him making backseats of cars sound like rooms at the Hilton. The combination of the three rappers’ styles really makes this song a fantastic listen.



1. Pop That Trunk

“Pop That Trunk” is the hardest track I’ve heard in thirteen years.

“Pop That Trunk” features a bass booming/sinister-sounding beat (I beg you to play this song on a speaker with serious bass), an extremely catchy hook, a verse by Juicy J that highlights his relentless mindset, and a verse by Wiz Khalifa in which he brags about his weed stash, quick temper, and money. All in all, this might be the hardest release in decades (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating).


1. Testin (4/5)

2. Weak (4/5)

3. Pop That Trunk (5/5)

4. Big Game (4/5)

5. Backseat (4/5)

6. Throw It (3/5)

7. Try It (3/5)

8. The Wanna See You (3/5)

9. Ass For Days (3/5)

10. Club Close (3/5)

11. Blaze Up (3/5)

12. Why Do I Stay (4/5)

13. Invest (4/5)




There’s probably no Wiz Khalifa without Juicy J. There’s probably no Juicy J resurgence without Wiz Khalifa. In other words, the two artists needed each other to get to where they are now. In Stoner’s Night, Juicy and Wiz are on the same page and gassed up.

Stoner’s Night is definitely one of the hardest releases to come out this year. Most songs on the album are powered by beats that are mean, that thump, and that boasts old-school southern vibes. The album also features tough-ass raps that will resonate with the heartbreakers, stunnas, money-makers, and gritty individuals of the world. While I enjoy the classic-sounding Juicy J songs on this album (I believe this album caters mainly to Juicy J), I do feel like s**t does get repetitive towards the end (There isn’t much experimenting on this album). Nonetheless, I think this album will knock if you hear it in your car or in a club. Listening to it through earphones might not do it justice.

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