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NBA YoungBoy

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NBA YoungBoy decided to combine Sunday’s vibes with Monday’s vibes in “SuperBowl.”

One of the best things to see from last night’s SuperBowl was how happy Odell Beckham, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, and Matthew Stafford were once the clock struck zero. Apparently, NBA YoungBoy thinks that it’s possible that a woman can make you feel such adulation. Today, the Lousiana rapper decided to release “SuperBowl,” an emotional track that might make you hug your girl like Sean McVay was hugging on that championship trophy last night.

Even though NBA YoungBoy sings like the second-coming of Cupid on this song, I’m sure that no one is brave enough to test his gangsta. Anywho, “SuperBowl” features some pretty solid melodies, semi-explosive deliveries, and powerful lyrics that perfectly illustrate what it sounds like when a dude from the streets finds a girl that he thinks can change his life. On this very low-key and chill Valentine’s day, I can see this song really setting the mood for a hood-romantic night.

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