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Nick Cannon


Huh? I’m genuinely confused by this song…

Growing up, I absolutely had a few Nick Cannon tracks in my music library. He was actually a very solid rapper back then. These last couple of years, Nick hasn’t made as much music. With that being said, in the last two weeks, he has dropped two new songs; “Alone” is one of them.

The writing on “Alone” isn’t bad… Matter of fact, it’s good. I just don’t think that Nick Cannon should be the one performing the song. Like, if the vocals were performed by Trey Songz or something, I think the song would be considered good. To sum it up, the song features zany R&B vibes and vocals by Nick Cannon that are screechy and comical. Please, hide this song from children.

I respect the hell out of Nick Cannon’s hustle.

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