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Love’s Train

Silk Sonic

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Doesn’t it feel like people took Valentine’s day very seriously this year?

If you didn’t crack a smile when you saw Anderson .Paak during Dr. Dre and friends’ Super Bowl halftime performance, you don’t appreciate good music. Matter of fact, both Anderson and Bruno Mars are cheat codes when it comes to making music. Today, the duo decided to reunite for a cover to the classic track “Love’s Train.”

Honestly, my love train was shut down this Valentine’s day (Folks was tired). I hope all of you guys had good Valentine’s days, though. Anywho, in “Love Train,” Silk Sonic tackles Con Funk Shun’s (What a name) classic track with the same name. While I believe the instrumental is the thing that steals the show here, I think it’s nearly impossible to ignore how both Anderson and Bruno instill their own flair into the smooth and funky track. Aw s**t, after listening to this song, I’m feeling all sexy now.

Do they got bathrooms in this love train? (My bowels have been acting up as of late)

1 thought on “Silk Sonic Remakes “Love’s Train” Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

  1. Awesome Job, you two really know how to bring joy and happiness back into the lives of people who have lost love ones. Music has always been my source of healing. You guys truly can sing and sang.

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