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Listen To “Everyday the 14th” By Deante’ Hitchcock

Everyday the 14th (EP)

Deante’ Hitchcock

I would be broke as s**t if every day was the 14th…

Did you know that Deante’ Hitchcock was nominated for a Grammy in the past? Yes, dude is that nice on the mic. In Everyday the 14th, a short little project he decided to release today, he shows off his ability to make quality romantic hip-hop tunes.

This EP is short but sweet; just like… Nevermind. I do think there are some highlights on it like “Eyes On Me” (The ending to this song is amazing) and “Neck Up.” Below is what Deante’ had to say about the project:

“This EP is about not taking relationships, situationships, or whatever you’re in at the moment too seriously,” he said in a statement. “Those times are fun, man, let it be that. It’s not always love, but sometimes it is. The only way to find out is to find out, right? This year a lot of my music is gonna be about finding out.”

If you need some solid bedroom music, give this project a shot and a half.

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