Big K.R.I.T. gets his Silk Sonic on in “Digital Roses Don’t Die.”




5. Would It Matter

An age-old question is asked in this song: Would you still be down to ride with someone if they were dusty and broke?

Think “21 Questions” with a little less testosterone, a more flamboyant hook, southern accents, weird mouth noises, tricky flows, and lyrics that profoundly look at what being broke with someone could look like. Actually, this song is barely like “21 Questions.”



4. So Cool

“So Cool” was made for the jive turkeys of the world.

“So Cool” actually sounds like a Silk Sonic track, to me. It features tons of soul, an organic instrumental with horns and s**t, and catchy raps that heartwarmingly tackle the idea of having a good time with someone without spending money. I think a developed artist is the only one capable of making a track like this.

3. Just 4 You

I definitely got hyped as hell listening to “Just 4 You.”

“Just 4 You” has everything: A very hypnotizing hook, intoxicating vocal performances, hard-ass raps, a riveting beat, and lyrics that impactfully tackle the idea of giving up your old ways for someone that is worth it. I can see this song being a fan favorite.



2. Rhode Clean

“Rhode Clean” is so playa, even my skipped trying to fix the egregious spelling in the song’s title.

Over a funky/earthly beat that would’ve thrived in the 70s, Big K.R.I.T. raps from the perspective of a grill and rims (Seriously). What makes K.R.I.T.’s bars amazing on the song is that he does a good job of disguising the fact that he’s rapping from the perspective of a grill and rims.



1. Southside of the Moon

The first real song on this album is a gem with a myriad of sounds.

I am a casual Big K.R.I.T. fan, so I didn’t know that he had such a beautiful voice. In “Southside of the Moon,” he hits us with these soothing vocals that I absolutely love (I am assuming that he’s the one singing on the song). He also hits with a quick rap verse that has him sounding like a dude that is OK with getting a restraining order placed on him in the name of love. Overall, “Southside of the Moon” is the perfect blend of smooth and crazy.


1. Fire (Interlude) (N/A)

2. Southside of the Moon (5/5)

3. Show U Right (4/5)

4. Rhode Clean (5/5)

5. Earth (N/A)

6. Cum Out To Play (3/5)

7. Just 4 You (5/5)

8. So Cool (4/5)

9. Water (Interlude) (N/A)

10. Boring (4/5)

11. Would It Matter (5/5)

12. Generational – Weighed Down (4/5)

13. Wind (Interlude) (N/A)

14. It’s Over Now (4/5)

15. Wet Lashes & Shot Glasses (4/5)

16. All The Time (5/5)

17. More Than Roses (4/5)




I definitely didn’t expect this album to sound like this… I mean, the album cover has a picture of K.R.I.T. in braids and one of those leather jackets that the Greasers wore.

This album needs to be morphed into a musical. The instrumentals on it are both lively and old-school-sounding, the interludes are both therapeutic and refreshing, the choruses are both nostalgic and spellbinding, and most importantly, the lyrics K.R.I.T. gifts us with are romantic, meaningful, sly, charming, and just plain ole cunning. Though the album’s artwork is beyond basic, I think Digital Roses Don’t Die showcases how much K.R.I.T. has grown as an artist, how beautiful music can sound when you are assisted by a bunch of soulful singers, and how, in 2022, we need to not judge a book by a cover. The album does show you how simple love can be, though.

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