Ravive Chills Us With “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick”

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Las Vegas Makes Me Sick


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A mesmerizing alternative concoction with dark sensations.

American musical creative, Hope Vista, also known as Ravive, is a singer-songwriter with unquestionable talent. Her experimental style doesn’t limit itself to one genre, so Ravive’s hypnotic sound commands attention; she offers elements of dazzling pop and electro-rock. In addition to her music career, she is also a strong advocate for mental health, a topic that comes up in her projects. Her Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music accounts are full of tracks about mental illness. Similarly, one of Ravive’s recent releases is the alternative single “Las Vegas Make Me Sick.” This song gives us hypnotic sounds, and it holds a deeper meaning for the artist.

According to a recent interview, Ravive’s single depicts her real-life experience of being in an online relationship with an older manipulative male. He was from Las Vegas, and it happened when she was just a teen. While the haunting alt-pop sound draws you into Ravive’s emotional reflection, the chilling lyrics remind us of danger. Lines like “I was entangled in you and your holy town” and “Strapped onto your chest, a little puppet with her master” explore the wicked side of Sin City. Along with its hypnotically moody sound, “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick” feels eerie and wonderfully bold. It is a chilling, unsettling exploration that captures the reality behind living a dark fantasy. Check out Ravive’s “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick” today, and get ready for the chills to crawl down your back.

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