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I will never stop


“I will never stop” is AED PROjEK’s second single.

AED PROjEK is a music act that you should root for. Not only do they make music that is electrifying, but they have also pledged to give 50% of their profits to “orphans, widows, or the poor.” AED PROjEK’s latest release is “i will never stop.”

“I will never stop” is a heart-pumping song that is also catchy, futuristic-sounding, and exciting. While the song’s uptempo/action-packed instrumental will draw you in, the intoxicating vocal performance that truly elevates the song will keep you at bay. If I were to guess, this is the perfect track to play to get parties jumping and your adrenaline going!

Listen to “I will never stop” by AED PROjEK below.

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