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Kehlani Drops “little story” From Her Upcoming Album

Whatchu Think?

little story


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Kehlani has a very beautiful soul.

There are several things that Kehlani is good at: Looking good, singing, getting tattoos, curving Kyrie Irving, etc, etc. The one thing that she is good at that trumps everything is her ability to write thoughtful songs. “little story,” her latest release, is a captivating track in which Kehlai asks her partner to do some writing of their own.

In “little story,” Kehlani asks her special someone to “write her into their story;” more than likely, she wants a story with a happy ending (Unless she’s into Stephen King novels like I am). The song features very beautiful vocals, a pleasant instrumental that makes numerous attempts to fully bloom (It finally does towards the end), and picture-perfect melodies. I guarantee that you will feel the song in your soul. If not, let your ears get some lovin.

We sleep on Kehlani way too much.


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