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Aisa Blazes Up in Style With “bowl (live)”

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“bowl (live)”

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A sweet and soulful smoke song to elevate your spirit.

Las Vegas-based musical creative, Aisa Dimalanta, is also known as Aisa. Aisa is an alternative R&B artist who additionally sings and produces for the band, Jaded Fantasy, and the art collective, VUSQIA. His musical journey started during his first year of college when he began to write his own songs. After releasing various singles like “polaroid” and “wasted,” the artist dropped his debut EP Crazy-ish in 2021. This debut and more are available on his Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Aisa’s latest release is the single “bowl (live)” and its accompanying video.

With a hypnotic, smooth backdrop of soft instrumentals, “bowl (live)” sets a moody R&B tone. Lyrics like “Smoke it ’til my lips get cold, or frozen solid” and “Writing all my greatest fears down, yeah I can’t feel ’em no more” explore longing and inner struggles. However, the song still keeps things ultra-mellow with soulful beats. Overall, “bowl (live)” is a personal offering that feels reminiscent of rainy days and late nights. Of course, this makes it the perfect listen for the easygoing days of spring. So, stream Aisa’s “bowl (live)” now, and feel the warmth it embodies.

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