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Indy June Invokes Sad Soul In “Silhouette”

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Indy June

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A soft ‘n sweet indie-pop tune with a captivating reflection.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Indy June, is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter who debuted last June. That debut released the stylish indie single “Impostor (Font Belong)”; this unique work continues to captivate her listeners and create new fans. Some of June’s prior work includes songs like “Drag Me Away” and “Daisies.” These are available on Spotify, Instagram, and Apple Music. Indy June’s latest drop is the indie-pop single “Silhouette.” June said about this new song that, “I wrote… about a first love who walked away from our relationship for another person after promising ‘forever.'”

“Silhouette” is accompanied by an acoustic guitar and soulful notes. It crafts a mellow, mesmerizing backdrop for June’s reflection. Lyrics like “We were taking pictures in the dark, Your hands all over my heart” and “You said “this doorway’s just for us,” a place only we could trust” offer intimate sadness. Additionally, the single explores the emotional changes that come with time. “Silhouette” never feels weighed down by its musing. If anything, the thoughtful lines add to the imaginative sense of its magical experience. So, stream “Silhouette” by Indy June, and enjoy the sweet sadness.

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