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Olivia Morreale Is Old-School In “Wasting Daylight”

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Wasting Daylight

Olivia Morreale

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic love tune with a 90s nostalgic vibe.

Los Angeles-based musician, Olivia Morreale, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer. Her unique sound takes inspiration from artists such as Snoh Aalegra, Amy Winehouse, BENEE, and Mac Miller. This mix creates a style that sounds like nothing else. Thanks to the unique sound, Morreale has well-received releases, including songs like “Parasomnia” and “Another Moon.” Her Spotify, Instagram, and website have these and other songs available to stream. At the same time, Morreale is constantly releasing information about her work. In a recent interview discussing her new single, the artist claims, “along with the music video, it feels like a delicate flower of a song.” Olivia Morreale’s latest drop is the pop single “Wasting Daylight,” and its accompanying music video.

Lighthearted tones and jazzy soul blend seamlessly into the track’s pop-centric sound. “Wasting Daylight” offers a mellow, atmospheric, and romantic reflection. Lyrics like “I don’t wanna leave you tonight, I just wanna wake up alone tomorrow morning” and “Thinking bout you every second even when we’re not together” are delivered with melodic, dreamy vocals. Combined with its 90’s music video, “Wasting Daylight” is the perfect immersive offering. As a result, this song gives us nostalgic visuals to accompany an easygoing love story. So, stream Olivia Morreale’s “Wasting Daylight” today for a throwback romance.

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