HURU Guilty review



A remarkable voice in an electronic-pop song.

HURU is a singer/songwriter who is passionate about her music. Although based in London, she has been traveling to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, working and performing in both cities. In over 4 years of her career, HURU has released a few singles and co-wrote with other artists. Each one of her singles and music videos makes it easy to realize how much she puts into her work. HURU’s latest single is “Guilty.” There’s a video produced by Scott Colcombe and herself that accompanies the song.

“Guilty” is an electronic-pop gem. At first, the track starts with a huge focus on HURU’s voice. It is a beginning that will make anyone drown in the song. Lyrics like “from the moment that you walked in the room/your face looked different and your energy too” indicates that she has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing something is wrong in a relationship. When you’re too familiar with someone, it’s hard to be played by little lies, right?

Get lost in the deep vibes of “Guilty”.