RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An explosive EDM track that will leave your insides tingling from the intensity.

Austria-based musical creative, AUTrebel, is a DJ and producer who’s ready to share his music with the world. Favoring harder styles like hardcore, uptempo, and raw style, AUTrebel crafts intense tracks that burst with explosive sounds. As a result, he’s gaining attention on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. This year, the up-and-coming artist released singles like “FUEL OF THE SHADES” and “SUFFER” before dropping his new album AMUSE-GUEULE. The track “#DEMONS” is one of the twelve tunes on AUTrebel’s new album.

“#DEMONS” immediately turns things up to 100%. It dismisses the idea of build-ups; instead, it automatically drops you into a raging world of earth-shattering sounds. It balances things by keeping it light with the lyrics. However, this track is all about instant and intensive party vibes, with less of a focus on vocals. With repeated bursts of explosive sounds, “#DEMONS” is perfect for EDM fans that prefer dramatic electric jolts over mellowed-out lighter styles. With what he’s shown us already, this artist is certainly one to watch as he continues his musical journey. Stream AUTrebel’s “#DEMONS” today for something explosive and new.