Patrick Phelps Confesses In “Closest To Love”

A dreamy R&B track of soulful reflection on all-consuming love.

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Closest To Love

Patrick Phelps

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A dreamy R&B track full of soulful vibes and heartwarming lyrics.

London-based musical creative, Patrick Phelps, is a rising new talent who knows how to plug soul into his songs. Tunes that exude plenty of passion are the singer-songwriter’s intimate offering to us from his heart. Some of Phelps’ previous work includes singles like “Hold You First” and “Teary Eyes.” These songs, creative covers, and more are available on his Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Patrick’s latest single, “Closest To Love,” is one of three tracks off his new, first-ever EP titled The Shack Sessions.

Accompanied by a dreamy backdrop of soft instrumentals, Phelps makes his feelings for his love known. Right from the start, lyrics like “I thought you were my teenager dream, but then I awoke, or so it seems” and “Stay here, I always wanted you, baby, even when blue skies turn grey” ooze bittersweet romance. Phelps reflects on that special someone that touched his heart, showing him the true meaning of love. Keeping the vibes simple and sweet, “Closest To Love” manages to feel both deeply intimate and commercially charming. So, stream “Closest To Love” to get a glimpse at Patrick Phelps’ ability to pull at heartstrings.

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