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Ria Barkr Radiates Self-Love with “work for it”

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work for it

Ria Barkr

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A silky smooth R&B gem that shines with dreamy senses.

Nashville-based musical artist, Ria Barkr, is an R&B singer and songwriter who knows how to craft soulful tunes. Her long-standing passion for music and tons of experience in the industry has helped her along the way (She has shared the stage with Broadway performers like Gary Mauer, Denise DiRenzo, and Cary Miller). As she continues to work with various musical creatives and producers, Barkr’s unique journey continues to draw in new fans. Her Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube are constantly gaining attention. Recently, Ria Barkr dropped her hit single, “Work For It.”

Accompanied by ethereal background sounds, “Work For It” gifts listeners a fairy tale backdrop to complement its untraditional tale of love. Lyrics like “I just keep you coming back cause I can” and “You just wish I wanted you the same way, boy ya need to stop dreaming” radiate unapologetic self-love. Meanwhile, Barkr dismisses the unwanted attention and makes it clear that she’s the one in control. With its charming flip on the stereotypical romance, this song reminds us that self-love can be so much sweeter than unwanted affection. So, stream Ria Barkr’s “work for it” to feel empowered in your daily life.

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