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Timing Right


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An Office inspired single with sweet and somber senses.

Texas-based musical creative, KellyMarie, is an emerging singer-songwriter with a captivating indie-pop style. Her influences include Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Jaffe, as well as classic acts like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beach Boys. Since the release of her debut EP back in 2018, KellyMarie has gained plenty of positive reviews for her attention-grabbing sound. Recently, she announced the drop of her first full-length album, It Is My Album, dropping this spring. Of course, this upcoming release shows off her quirky sense, and it is inspired by the beloved series, The Office. KellyMarie’s latest drop is the pop single “Timing Right.”

With upbeat instrumentals, “Timing Right” provides a vibrant, feel-good backdrop to complement its Office-inspired theme. Lyrics like “The engine starts and jolts me back/time reminds me of what I’ll never have” and “Jokes just aren’t that funny when you’re not around” bittersweetly reminisce on unfulfilled romance. Additionally, they indicate that the song’s inspiration is likely the fan-favorite couple Jim and Pam. Though the track’s reflection is more of a sad focus on the one that got away, it offsets its melancholy moments with such a cheerful sense; you’ll quickly forget this is anything but a nostalgic comfort song. So, stream KellyMarie’s “Timing Right” so you can take some time to feel like you’re in The Office yourself.

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