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Machine Gun Kelly & Lil Wayne Unite For “Ay”

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Machine Gun Kelly & Lil Wayne

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Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Wayne are very similar people.

Machine Gun Kelly, one of my favorite artists in the game right now, has announced that he will drop a brand new album called mainstream sellout on March 25th. What I am hoping is that he links the thin gap between hip-hop and rock on the album. Today, the second single off the project, “Ay” featuring Lil Wayne, magically appeared on streaming services.

Machine Gun Kelly is an open book in “Ay.” In the song, he talks about battling addiction, overcoming hateful internet comments, and relying on music to uplift his spirits. As for Lil Wayne, he talks about trying to look normal in public while high. Both musicians rely on muted and chill singing approaches.

Listen to the very solid “Ay” below.

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