Key Glock Lets It Be Known That He’s Self-Made In “Pain Killers”

Key Glock makes some key points in “Pain Killers” (I apologize for such a nerdy opening paragraph).

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Pain Killers

Key Glock

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Key Glock makes some key points in “Pain Killers” (I’m a beast at opening paragraphs).

The other day, Key Glock said that he might retire from rapping because making music didn’t hit the same for him after Young Dolph’s murder. The good news is this: His retirement won’t be starting today. Today, Glock decided to release “Pain Killers,” a track in which he sticks his chest out and essentially reintroduces himself to the world.

“Pain Killer” is powered by a beat that has a chilly tone and tons of bass. Over the beat, Key Glock calmly raps about being a self-made hitter that is all about his money and respect. If you are familiar with his old music, you will have no issue falling in love with this new track.

Expect to hear “Pain Killers” on the deluxe version of Yellow Tape 2.

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