Jodie Paige Out Of My Head

Out Of My Head

Jodie Paige

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A pop-jazz song that preaches mental health.

British singer, Jodie Paige, is passionate about music and has a diverse mix of influences ranging from hip-hop to jazz to soul to R&B. Her debut single, entitled “Femme Fatale,” is a pop song with dance beats that show off her talent. Similarly, her Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music are infused with various genres, and they draw in plenty of followers. Recently, Jodie released her single “Out Of My Head.” In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter said, “I want to evoke happy feelings within my music while also offering relatable lyricism which is what I have tried to do with ‘Out of My Head.’”

This fusion hit mixes pop melodies with strong jazz influences, and of course, it results in an incredible song. The lyrics cover personal topics regarding mental health; anyone who has faced anxiety and overthinking can relate. However, there’s positivity written in as well. Verses like “These bedroom walls have seen it all by now / I know one day I will find peace of mind but for now, I can’t get out of my head” are hopeful about what the future holds. It’s important that you allow yourself to literally get out of your own head while listening to this song. Otherwise, you may not gather its full impact. So, stream Jodie Paige’s “Out of My Head” today, and prepare for an emotional ride.