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Henny and Lance Nelson Collaborate In “Wanna Dance?”

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Henny and Lance Nelson "Wanna Dance?"

Wanna Dance?

Henny and Lance Nelson

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Danceable beats in a rap and electronic song.

Music producer and singer-songwriter Henny, along with rapper Lance Nelson, make a successful team. Nelson has been releasing his own music on Spotify; his first album came out in 2019. As for Henny, he has been producing and creating sounds for many artists. Additionally, he has also been releasing his own music on Spotify. Henny and Lance have collaborated before, and now, the duo has released a new single titled “Wanna Dance?”

According to Henny’s Spotify bio, “Wanna Dance?” is “a groovy hip-hop/R&B and dance fusion tune.” In its melody, one can hear a huge electronic influence, and the result is fun, danceable vibes.  However, lyrics like “I see you with your man, you shouldn’t be with him no more/Girl what you got to lose/One night just me and you” sound a bit overbearing. This may be intentional, and if so, the jealousy is understandable. In terms of inspiration, Henny said that the music sounds similar to artists like KAYTRANADA, Young Franco, and GoldLink. So, if you like this style, or if you just want to discover some new music, hit play on Henny and Lance Nelson’s “Wanna Dance?”

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