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Jackson Guthy Reflects On Troubles In “Like I Did”

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Like I Did

Jackson Guthy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A bittersweet pop tune exploring the pain of drifting apart from the one you love.

Los Angeles native, Jackson Guthy, is a singer-songwriter with a long-standing musical history. He began playing the piano at just four years old. Later on, the artist started writing his own songs when he was seven. Since then, Guthy has toured with Big Time Rush, and he’s had his work featured on shows like Grey’s Anatomy. He additionally started his own pop/rock group called North of Nine. In 2016, Jackson announced that he was leaving the music scene; however, he ultimately returned just a year later. He currently has his music available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Jackson Guthy’s latest drop is the pop single “Like I Did.”

Hypnotic piano notes and mellow beats make up “Like I Did.” They provide a dreamy, melodic backdrop to compliment the verses. Lyrics like “Do I still make you happy like I did? Is there something else you want that I can’t give?” and “You know that I hate being by myself. And I know I’d be that way with anyone else” explore various changes that come when a couple begins to drift apart. Along with its lighthearted sounds, the raspy hints in Guthy’s vocals highlight the pain in his words, making “Like I Did” a relatable breakup song.

Stream Jackson Guthy’s “Like I Did” below.

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