Lemme Lie Down

Gurli Octavia

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mellow pop song that reminds us to take time for ourselves.

Danish musical creative, Gurli Octavia, is an alt-pop artist with an inspiring musical journey. Since her arrival on the music scene, Octavia has released three EPs, a debut album, and created several Nordic tours. Additionally, she has performed in music festivals such as Roskilde and SPOT. As Octavia continues crafting music, she’s found a sense of liberation in her style. This freedom lead to her creating her own label, eighteighteightyeight. Additionally, she made a collaborative deal with UK indie label Integrity Records. Along with all this outreach, she also has her music available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. She’s gained over a million shares between these platforms. Gurli Octavia’s latest drop is the pop single, “Lemme Lie Down.”

“Lemme Lie Down” is the perfect, easygoing track to compliment a reflective mindset. Lyrics like “I wanna steer this city like it’s my own private limousine” and “But my body is screaming and it sounds like it’s saying, lemme lie down” explore youth dilemmas. They also express the feeling of wanting to go out when your body is begging to take a break. It’s a relatable song that does not solely focus on younger people, but it also doesn’t exclude older generations. Its slow, melodic approach appeals to everyone with ease, making Octavia the bridge between the age gap of her audiences. This is the perfect guilt-free listen that won’t shame anyone for wanting to lie on the couch, eat Cheetos, and put on Netflix. So, stream Gurli Octavia’s “Lemme Lie Down” tonight to fall into that relaxed mindset.

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