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Sean Shiff Proclaims His Love For The Beach In “Ten Below”

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The Sean Shiff Project song cover

Ten Below

The Sean Shiff Project

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Beachy lyrics in a slow-burning folk Christmas song.

Minneapolis-based artist, Sean Shiff, describes himself as a “lawyer by day, songwriter by night.” These last couple of years, under the moniker ‘The Sean Shiff Project,’ he has produced and written music for both himself and others to perform. Shiff’s music is influenced by folk, rock, and country music. You can listen to his pieces on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. On February 6th, Sean Shiff released his new single “Ten Below,” a belated Christmas song.

Yes, “Ten Below” is mainly about Christmas. It pushes a heartwarming feeling forward through a slow-burning melody while, ironically, puffing vibes suited for this time of the year. Lyrics like “I’d take this tropical weather instead of ten below. If you see me on some beach singing Feliz Navidad, come and join me for a drink” discuss desires for warmer times. A Christmas without snow can be hard to picture, especially for anyone who grew up used to the white blanket every holiday. However, as someone who grew up in Brazil, I can assure you that a sunny, summery Christmas is incredible.

Stream Sean Shiff’s “Ten Below” so you can fall in love with the idea of a warm Christmas.


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