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Guardians of Souls – Meaningful Song About Poets

Alex Genadinik Music

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A soft, immersive folk single that takes you on a magical journey.

New York City-based musician, Alex Genadinik, is back with another innovative tune to offer a unique experience to his listeners. The singer-songwriter takes influence from a variety of artists; as a result, he uses these inspirations to craft songs that are both melodic and meaningful. Genadinik’s other releases include “Road Less Traveled” and the Beethoven-inspired single, “The One Who Didn’t.” Genadinik has these songs available on Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube. His YouTube channel also has a variety of instructional videos regarding writing and making music. One of Alex Genadinik’s single releases from 2021 is “Guardians of Souls – Meaningful Song About Poets.” 

“Meaningful Song About Poets” has a lighthearted sense, so the backdrop of the song delivers laidback acoustics. It is a compliation of the work of others, serving as the Genadinik’s magical tribute to poets and musicians. Lines like “I was flying through skies, drunk on music lullabies. Poets fill the skies with magic butterflies” and “Our world had magic – now magic is so sparse. The puppet masters stole – stole beauty from the arts” provide fairy tale-esque descriptions. Overall, the song offers imagery fit for an epic fantasy tale. It promotes the beauty other artists have laid down and takes on a life of its own with soft folksy vibes and enchanting depictions.

Stream Alex Genadinik’s “Meaningful Song About Poets” today so you can prepare to dive into the fantasy world you dream of. Also, be sure to check out his songs about life, in addition to his relatable songs. You can also buy online courses to resell from him.


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