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Listen To “Painted Windows” By BigDonA$AN

Painted Windows (Album)


BigDonA$AN raps with a chip on her shoulder that is bigger than the state of Texas.

If you are a hip-hop fan, I recommend that you never take a hungry rapper like BigDonA$AN for granted. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas (By way of Indiana), BDA is someone who has shown an uncanny ability to put together songs that are filled with impactful bars and authentic trap vibes. One of the projects that will make you a believer in her is Painted Windows.

Literally, from the moment that you press play on Painted Windows, you will be greeted with force. “New Beginnings,” the intro to the project, is a hard-hitting banger that features a booming beat and lyrics that highlight BigDonA$AN’s unf**kwittable mentality. From there, you get fierce bangers in “Pardon,” “Obviously,” and “Wasted Time.” Honestly, if this project was played in a packed club, s**t might get dangerous.

Give Painted Windows by BigDonA$AN a shot below.

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