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In My Head

24KGoldn (Ft. Travis Barker)

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Isn’t it amazing how Travis Barker is a go-to guy for a lot of these youthful-sounding songs?

I mean this as a compliment: 24kGoldn might be the popest hip-hop artist in the game today. Nearly every track that I hear from him these days boasts a pop-punk sound that would make folks in the bando nauseous. With that being said, I don’t think that you can call his music bad. Today, 24K decided to release “In My Head,” a bouncy track that features production from the legendary Travis Barker.


In “In My Head,” 24kGoldn raps/sings about dealing with a breakup that is fresher than the bruise on Chris Rock’s face. Though the song covers somewhat of a sad topic (Hey, some breakups are needed), it does boast colorful/bouncy vibes.

Give “In My Head” by 24kGoldn a shot below.

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