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A$AP Ant & A$AP Rocky Join Forces For “The God Hour”

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The God Hour

A$AP Ant & A$AP Rocky

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“The God Hour” is your typical A$AP anthem.

A$AP Mob’s impact on the hip-hop industry is slept-on. These past years, they’ve introduced flows and types of beats to the world that has truly changed the game. In “The God Hour,” you get a chance to hear two members from the A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ant, in their purest form.


“The God Hour” is one of those lofty A$AP bangers that features a booming beat that goes well with some screwed-up raps (Which you get in this song). What makes the song dope as hell is that you get a back and forth between A$AP Ant and A$AP Rocky in it that sounds like two brothers that are simply shooting the s**t. While the flows and big-boy lyrics that the MCs toy with are fascinating, it’s their cooler than a cucumber demeanor that will move you.

A$AP Rocky might be the coolest dude alive (Him bagging Rihanna solidified that s**t).

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