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Yeat – 2 Alivë (Album Review)

Yeat’s fame reaches its pinnacle with the release of “2 Alivë” (This review includes the deluxe version).




5. Nëw Turban

“Nëw turban” definitely gives me YSL vibes.

I think the beats on this album outshine Yeat; in “Nëw turban,” I feel like Yeat holds his own against the beat. In the song, he does a good job of hitting us with a catchy hook, sly rap flows, and lyrics that make bragging about buying turbans sound cool as hell. All in all, I feel like Yeat sounds enjoyably balanced in this song.



4. Rackz got më

If Gunna and Young Thug weren’t on this album, I think I would’ve drank NyQuil and gone to sleep instead of finishing this review.

I think Yeat actually shows out a little bit in “Rackz got më.” Over a piano-driven trap beat, he hits us with impressive flows that disguise his bad lyrics very well. As for Gunna, he drops a mailed-in verse that features repetitive lyrics and strange melodies.

3. Big tonka

Lil Uzi Vert’s verse on “Big tonka” is amazing!

Lil Uzi Vert appears on the deluxe version of this album twice. While I can’t co-sign what he did on “3G,” what he does on “Big tonka” is unbelievably good! The determination, aggression, and finesse that he raps with are great. As for the rest of the song, well, the beat is dope!



2. Outsidë

I actually think that Yeat sounds like Young Thug and Playboi Carti’s troubled baby, so I’m glad that the former is on this album.

Yeat’s contributions to “Outsidë” are definitely bizarre as s**t. Throughout the song, he sounds like a drunk that is going in and out of consciousness. The good news is this: Thugger does kill his verse in the song. Even though he sounds subdued as s**t in it, he rides the beat very well and flexes effortlessly. I repeat, Yeat sounds weird as hell in this song.

OK, I kind of like the song’s hook.



1. Kant dië

“Kant dië” doesn’t live up to its potential, but it does have its bright moments.

I hate that whoever made the beat that powers “kant dië” had to give it to Yeat. If Thugger or Gunna was on this joint, it would be a certified hit. I will say this, though: I love some of the melodies and flows that Yeat uses in the song (He just mumbles a little too much in the song).


1. Poppin (2/5)

2. Outsidë (3/5)

3. Real six (2/5)

4. Nvr again (2/5)

5. Luh gëek (3/5)

6. Rackz got më (3/5)

7. Doublë (2/5)

8. On tha linë (3/5)

9. Just bëtter (2/5)

10. Jump (3/5)

11. Dnt lië (2/5)

12. Rollin (3/5)

13. Taliban (2/5)

14. Narcoticz (2/5)

15. Call më (2/5)

16. Kant dië (3/5)

17. Gëek high (2/5)

18. Luh m (2/5)

19. Smooktobër (3/5)

20. Still counting (2/5)

*21. big tonka (3/5)

*22. Kant rëlax (3/5)

*23. No commënt (3/5)

*24. 3G (3/5)

*25. Nëw turban (3/5)

*26. Hatër (3/5)

*27.  Way back (2/5)

*28. Luv monëy (2/5)

*29. Dub (3/5)

*indicates deluxe version




I’m going to be as respectful as I can here… OK, here I go: Yeat sounds like an SNL actor doing a spoof of a rapper. Yeat sounds like Playboi Carti after 15 Casamigo shots. Yeat sounds like he forgets where he is in the middle of recording his songs. Yeat sounds like Tyler Herro’s brother that doesn’t have a jump shot but knows how to jump on the phone to organize a meeting with plugs.

OK, let me be serious for a minute. Yeat is clearly the kind of musician that the kids like these days: He mumbles his ass off, he talks about a big bowl of useless s**t (To be more specific, he raps about doing drugs, smashing women, having money, and shooting folks), he sounds like he’s going through an exorcism on the mic, and he relies on beats that sound like some old-school SoundCloud s**t (I actually think a bunch of beats on the album are fire). While I don’t think Yeat is ready to dethrone J. Cole as the best rapper in the game anytime soon, I do see flashes of something…

Yeat sounds like a dude that eats nothing but junk food and drinks Sunny Delight.

The deluxe version of this album is pretty solid. I actually see vast improvement in his melodies and song structures. I actually give the deluxe version a C+.

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18 thoughts on “Yeat – 2 Alivë (Album Review)

      1. Midcole? Oh s**t 😳! The disrespect! Y’all gon make Cole drop a diss on your boy. I don’t want that to happen!

  1. I’m 19 and I’m gonna say it YEAT is straight garbage it’s sad all you have to now is have a loud ass trap beat and some flows without sayin sum. SMDH But great review

    1. Thanks for the compliment 🙏🏾.

      Yeah, it seems like Yeat is one of those acquired tastes kind of artists. I can see his kind of music definitely resonating with people who enjoy Playboi Carti-like songs.

  2. clearly your the only one on this shitty site with opinions like this. why even waste time commenting on stuff you dont get? nerd

      1. BTW, this shitty site isn’t the only one that didn’t give this album a favorable grade… Pitchfork, the music site that you guys kiss the ass of, gave it a 6.6 (Aka a D). Maybe I didn’t package my words in a formal manner like they did, but same s**t.

  3. J Cole raps about doing drugs, smashing women, having a lot of money, and his homies shooting folks. Only difference here is beat selection and auto-tune

    1. Kayo, that is a realllllly good point, and I’m glad you said it. J. Cole does, and people like myself do tend to be bias on how music is packaged. In the review, I was doing some trolling and being sarcastic at times, but in all seriousness, I do think Yeat has appeal for sure and does pick really good beats. Not a fan of his mumbling, plus his music is not for me, and that’s ok!

      Great comment.

  4. This is the worst album I ever heard. I hate Yeat so much. Anyone who listens to him deserves new ears.

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