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Lil Baby Channels His Inner Drake & Jay-Z In “In A Minute”

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In A Minute

Lil Baby

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

No, Billie Eilish shared the stage with you, Baby!

Can you imagine the stress that was felt by the person who made the “Pound Cake” beat? “Hey, Tom, can you create a beat that both Jay and Drake could spit their deepest bars on? No pressure at all.” Anywho, today, Lil Baby decided to drop a song that boasts a flipped version of the “Pound Cake” beat, and as expected, over it, he shines like a floor that was cleaned with WD40.


I love a good hip-hop Cinderella story. The latest one involves Lil Baby. According to my unreliable sources, he wasn’t even interested in rapping until a few years ago. In “In A Minute,” Baby talks about his come-up, along with his luxurious lifestyle and his competitive nature. Based on the determination that he raps with, you can tell that this track really meant something to him.

I swear, there’s a Lil Baby in all of us! (No pun intended).


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