[BUMP] Pick Me Up (EP)


Bas makes his official return to the music scene with a four-track EP called “[BUMP] Pick Me Up.”

Lowkey, Bas might be the best second option in hip-hop today. I think he’s a helluva rapper that knows how to experiment with his music effectively. In [BUMP] Pick Me Up, Bas’s experimenting leads to a bunch of potential hits.


Every single track on this EP is a hit in its own unique way. “[Eyes On You]” boasts a quirky sound that I think eccentric hip-hop fans will love, “[Admire Her]” boasts a bouncy/infectious sound that I think clubgoers will love, “[The Jackie]” boasts a colorful sound that the youth will love, and “[The Others]” boasts an uplifting sound that people in struggling relationships will love. All in all, there’s something to adore for everyone on this EP!

Give Bas’ [BUMP] Pick Me Up a shot below. BTW, what’s with the brackets?


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