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Thuke Shows Talent In New “Sober”

Thuke Sober song cover



RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Heavy jazz influences in a pop song with nostalgic elements.

Producer and songwriter, Thuke, is taking the next step in his music career by releasing his first singles. The Italian artist already had quite a career after working as a producer for several years with Warner and Universal artists. However, he only recently expanded into songwriting. Thuke was inspired by giants in the songwriting field such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Now, he is ready to share his own music with the world, which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram. Thuke’s newest hit is the pop single, “Sober.”

“Sober” feels like a pop, jazz combination set back in the 90s. The melody reminds one of “Garota de Ipanema,” a famous Brazilian song. However, “Sober” is a romantic rendition of loss. Verses like “I’ve been so lost in my red light / Monday I might be sober / and realize we’re over” talk about love and relationships. Though the tune is upbeat, the lyrics are sad and lonely as Thuke speaks about the loss of being too deep into other influences. Thuke clearly puts a lot of himself into his work to make it relatable to us. So, stream “Sober” today to understand his side of the story.

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