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Patric Scott Clings to Love With “I’m Not Ready”

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I’m Not Ready

Patric Scott

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A soulful R&B gem that dives into the pain of losing someone that you love.

Switzerland musical creative, Patric Scott, is someone who works as a singer, musician, songwriter, actor, and producer. Scott has studied music and acting at institutes in both Austria, Germany, and in the US. In his music career, he has toured with artists like Yvonne Catterfeld, the Sugababes, and Vanessa Amorosi. Scott has also written songs for other well-known pop musicians. If you want to binge-listen to his music, it is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Scott’s latest release is the R&B single “I’m Not Ready.”

“I’m Not Ready” is R&B, slow-pop, and easy rock all in one. Scott loves lush beats and enjoys toying with them to mess with our emotions; ironically, messing with his emotions is what his lover likes to do. Lyrics like “Baby, baby, why are you being so cold to me?” and “I can feel you slipping through my hands while you’re kissing me” reflect on heartache; at the same time, Scott realizes that the spark in his relationship is fizzling out. His bittersweet tale of romance will tug at your heart and make it hard to consider life without love. The song’s easygoing rock style complements Scott’s pain by making the song feel sad and slow so we have to drown in his lyrics. So, stream Patric Scott’s “I’m Not Ready” to understand his dreadful sadness.


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