Good Shit


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A wicked hip-hop single that takes listeners on a dark journey.

Belgium and Luxembourg-based musical creative, Maz, is an alternative hip-hop artist who takes inspiration from the early 2000s. Using metal and rock, he incorporates a blend of “heavy and dark, and yet extremely emotional and energetic trap beats.” This intricate mix accompanies his captivating lyrics, which are honest and sometimes hard to hear. Maz’s music is meant to strip down the superficial and force us to confront our true selves. We may not like it, but he makes us hear it. Maz’s truthful tunes are available on Spotify and YouTube. His latest single, “Good Shit,” is one of four tracks that appears on his EP Upside Down. The single also has an accompanying music video.

There’s no description more fitting than to say that this song is fit for a horror film. “Good Shit” sets a dark tone over powerful self exploration. Lyrics like “Start a riot; try to fight against your own misery” and “Life is a drug when I can’t get my fix. Then I don’t go to sleep and hallucinate death” explore the dark side of desires and instant gratification. However, it does so with a slow-burning, storytelling style that will send chills up your spine. While the song boasts a fast beat, it fits perfectly into a mind-bending situation: Something dark and moody that makes you question yourself. The song also boasts some haunting visuals in its music video. Overall, “Good Shit” is an unforgettable trip that is certainly worthy of its nightmarish accommodations. So, stream Maz’s “Good Shit” for that creepy self-awareness that will mess with your mind.