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The Kid LAROI Returns To The Music Scene With “Thousand Miles”

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Thousand Miles


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The Kid LAROI is fully pop now, and that saddens me.

I am all for the growth of musicians, but I don’t quite love how some musicians use hip-hop to launch their careers, only to abandon it in favor of some pop tart s**t as soon as they blow up. With that being said, I love me some The Kid LAROI, but he is a full-blown pop artist now. Thankfully, he’s good at making pop music. Today, the Australian singer released “Thousand Miles,” an infectious track that will make you reconsider dating someone who has internal battles that they need to fight.


I think this song features beautiful melodies, deep lyrics, and an instrumental that knocks but also has this serene vibe attached to it. Personally, I think songs like this are what really showcase The Kid LAROI’s special skills.

Give “Thousand Miles” a shot below.

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