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An alternative hip-hop single with dark pop and psychedelic vibes.

Up-and-coming alternative artist, BLAKSWAN, is a rapper who recently gained notoriety. His debut, the single “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR,” has brought him attention on the music scene thanks to the stunning performance he puts up on the song. In a recent interview with Mundane Mag, BLAKSWAN stated, “Everything I do is inspired by the reality we all experience as human beings. I am truly a realist and all I’m doing is bringing realism into my art!” This realistic art is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. BLAKSWAN’s latest hit is his single, “COLTRANE.” Additionally, the song has an accompanying official video.

“COLTRANE” offers a dark soundscape that sets a twisted tone with villain-esque intentions. Catchy lines like “Burn the house down, burn the house down, she call the cops / We rock, we burn the block down” and “Cocaine in my veins (Yuh) / Coltrane on my brain (Yuh) / No pain and no gain (Yuh)” are delivered with a sharp bite. The artist explores the grit and grind that comes with fighting for survival. At the same time, he gives off an edge, making us feel fear and awe at the people that come out of these conditions. It’s odd how inspiring this song is since it has such a dark side. BLAKSWAN boldly pulls us into his world of chaos and, strangely, makes us want more. So, stream BLAKSWAN’s “COLTRANE” today for that unique, edgy push towards the other side.

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