Lil Tjay

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Lil Tjay is living the American dream right now.

Honestly, I am very proud of what Lil Tjay has been able to accomplish these past three years. Not only is he selling decently, but he’s also getting major respect from his rap peers. In “Lavish,” Tjay gives himself a pat on the back and warns his naysayers that he is down to go to war with them.


Lil Tjay might be the most fearless singer in the history of hip-hop. Every single time he hops on the mic, he sings his heart out. In “Lavish,” Tjay holds nothing back vocally. He also hurls out lyrics about flexing his ass off and welcoming smoke. I think the song is an intriguing listen that might break a few glasses.

Give “Lavish (Freestyle)” a shot below.