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Dgaf No Mo



“Dgaf No Mo” will remind you to enjoy every second of life.

Dallas, Texas’s very own, Edwrd, is a singer-songwriter that has a very bright future. Personally, what I love about his music is that it boasts invigorating vibes and boasts authentic alternative hip-hop elememts. Edwrd’s latest single is “Dgaf No Mo,” a colorful anthem that oozes positivity.

“Dgaf No Mo” has serious replayability. Not only does the song feature highly infectious melodies, but it also features vibrant instrumentation, catchy lyrics, and energy that will make you want to move your feet. All in all, “Dgaf No Mo” is a song with a very powerful message and a sound that has serious commercial potential.

Give Edwrd’s “Dgaf No Mo” track a shot below.




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