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Remi Taylor Heals In “FirstLoveAfterFirstLove”


Remi Taylor

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic pop single that explores both heartbreak and the possibility of new love.

California native, Remi Taylor, is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. What you will love about her is that she likes to blend melodic vocals with ear-pleasing beats. In a recent interview, Taylor revealed that she taught herself how to play both the piano and guitar. The singer added that she decided to learn the ins and outs of production to take her music to the next level. You can find Remi’s music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Her latest release is the pop song “FirstLoveAfterFirstLove.”

“FirstLoveAfterFirstLove” is an intoxicating/carefree pop song that boasts 80s vibes. Lyrics like “I knew you wanted more when you shut the door / so I let you go / Can take another blow” and “Maybe you don’t think that I could feel the same way / Maybe you don’t care and you just want to get laid” are vulnerable. Taylor explores the struggle of trying to find love after experiencing heartbreak, and we don’t doubt that it’s difficult. The song’s nostalgic sound will remind you of the music Madonna made in her prime; especially when it comes to the beat and style. Clearly, Taylor knows what she’s doing when she talks about love; whether it’s for people or for music. With that being said, “FirstLoveAfterFirstLove” is a memorable single that will leave you excited for more love. So, stream Remi Taylor’s “FirstLoveAfterFirstLove” today to find it for yourself.

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